I'll Be Had If I'm In Your Dress Tonight...

So I know it's definitely late to jump onto this particular bandwagon, but seeing as how it still has enough drive I'm going to stoke the fire while it's still hot. Tapes 'N Tapes cuts the air with sound waves as a quartet from Minneapolis headed by vocal Josh Grier. Not much more can be said about the band that hasn't already been said by the droves of blogs and periodicals that fiercely wrote about these kids for quite a long while, but here I stand telling you about them using what residual energy is left for the advocacy of this group. I first got tipped onto this group by Chris at Gorilla VS Bear, and its finding is definitely a reason why I return to that place just about every day. I don't even want to bother to describe their music, just listen to the tunes as they speak for themselves and trust my (and just about everyone else's) opinion on this - they are good and going places. Tapes 'N Tapes, now signed with XL (a label that boasts everyone from Devendra Banhart to the Raconteurs), are re-issuing their debut album The Loon under the label in July and are also planning on sending out the album on vinyl sometime this summer. The Loon is exceptional for a debut album and at $10, how can you resist? You gotta love it when a band is great and sells albums at prices like that. Though I missed their show at Stubb's earlier this month, I managed to catch an awesome set they played at an instore in Waterloo Records. I captured a rather fine video, and I'll probably be posting that whenever I can...

But as far as videos go, here's something a bit more new - the video for Insistor, which is absolutely brilliant...

Insistor (MOV)

From The Loon (right click - save as):


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