[I'm From Barcelona]
I Recognize That's An Abnormally Large Keyhole...

All right. I'm From Barcelona. When it comes to this huge group (just how big, you'll know later), you grab your six closest friends, cram them into your car and drive around aimlessly while singing along - out loud, windows down - to all of I'm From Barcelona's discography. I'm From Barcelona actually hail from the ever-so-happy-go-lucky country of Sweden, Jönköping to be exact. So you're curious now, just how big is this group? Well if you really must know, I'm From Barcelona is composed of 29 members - with enunciation now, "tuh-went-ee nine" - with job titles in the group that range from The Merch Agent to The Duracell Bunny. The 29-ette assemblage was orchestrated in the midst of creator Emanuel Lundgren's boredom. Having written numerous pop songs, Lundgren saw nothing better than to grab all his closest friends and give his lyrics life. If you write it, they will come. And they came indeed - armed with accordions, banjos and kazoos no doubt. A few weeks later an EP pops out, and what do you know it, I'm From Barcelona is born. I'm From Barcelona carry, unsurprisingly, a very Architecture in Helsinki-esque sound, and like those fun Australians, I'm From Barcelona compose fun, chorusing, light-hearted pop music. Laced with a multitude of instruments and sing-along friendly choruses, I'm From Barcelona help to illustrate that Sweden also likes to ship out canned euphoria. Don some shades for playing I'm From Barcelona may permeate rays of sunlight out your speakers.

Various Songs From I'm From Barcelona (all songs are right click - save as):
This Boy
Collection of Stamps

Learn more about the gargantuanity of this group at the I'm From Barcelona site.
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And just a bit of fair warning, chances are I'll miss posting this Friday...
Anonymous Johnny said...
After two songs from these guys, I'm so happy I could just sh*t! Great music and great blog, Thanks

Blogger Brad aka Penguin said...
Heyo Johnny - glad you like the tunes. I'm From Barcelona can be rather sh*t-in-your-pants worthy, and thanks for the kind words...