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Now I don't know how long you've been a reader, but remember a while back when I posted a very short list of mp3s and entitled it The Quick List? Well its back, but now it's improved. Just like before, The Quick List is a great way for me to cover a handful of bands in just a single post and a great way for you to get your hands on a variety of artists in just one reading. It's almost like a mix, but instead of writing about the theme or what's posted as a whole, I'll go into each song posted - not in depth, just sort of like an intro. So here ya go, The Quick List Vol. 2! Damn, that makes it sound like a NOW! CD.

The Quick List (artist name leads to site & all songs are right click - save as):

Audrey - Views
Audrey is a Swedish four-piece that I found during a walkabout at the blog Swedes Please. Views illustrates the precision Audrey holds in balancing delicate melodies, and the vocals throughout the piece are whispered quieter than secrets, giving the piece an almost enigmatic demeanor.

Razorlight - In the Morning
I had planned on doing a full post on this Anglo-Swedish band formed in England, but the cancellation of their tour had me thinkin' otherwise. Nonetheless I still wanted to make mention of this particular song, so The Quick List saves the day. In the Morning is part of their newly released, self-entitled album. The song and overall musical characteristics of the group are very simple, and I happen to think that In The Morning is quite catchy. Call it my guilty pleasure if you must.

The Triangles - Let's Replace the Cityscapes
The Triangles are a quartet based in Melbourne. Now the first thing that will probably come to mind when you first hear this lil' ditty is Boy Least Likely To, and it's rather easy to see that. The banjo's there; the xylophone's there - really it conjures up BLLT's image because it just has that childish demeanor. But then you get about 30 seconds in and hear not the easy-going voice of Jof Owen, but find that this assuring voice comes from the voice box of a young woman. Ah, this is the Triangles, and they want to be your friend.

Continental Divide - The Days Go By, But He's Old
I found Continental Divide about a month ago on Skatterbrain, and he thinks these guys have really good potential. I like Continental Divide for their fuzzy keyboards, and anything with the word "fuzzy" in it is pretty much lovable.

The Society Islands - Disjoint Allocation
Ah, The Society Islands is actually just one person rather than an archipelago of members - pun most definitely intended. Boris Rogowski, the man behind The Society Islands, contacted us to tell us about his upcoming album Kiss & Tell, and it's definitely worth a mention. Disjoint Allocation I think serves as a good overall view on the manner of Rogowski - simple, clever - and that might be a bit contradictory for a man that vows to play every single instrument he can get a hold of.

Fields - Sisters
Fields is an English quartet with a slew of collective history, but on to Sisters. Sisters, with a definite foot in folk, weaves an intricate wicker tale, and like a lot of folk it gives the sense of forests and fall which is perfect since the group have a tour planned in the fall that sketches a few dates here in the US and a lot of dates in the UK.

Brad Sucks - Making Me Nervous
Last but not least, Brad Sucks. A few days ago, while I was doing my blog runs, "Brad Sucks - Making Me Nervous" was the first thing I read on Nothing But Green Lights. At first I thought he hated me because for some reason I was making him nervous, and then I noticed it was a link. Brad Sucks is a self-pitying one-man band. Brad Sucks' Making Me Nervous is a techtronica bit that's just absolutely catchy. Nonstop beats call for lots of in-your-chair dancing. You can pick up his entire, "fan-funded" album at his site.

So that's The Quick List, and it's a lot longer than I thought it would be. What do you all think? I'm up for suggestions for future Quick Lists - recommended artists, whether it should have less or more artists, or you can tell me to shutup and just list the music.


Otherwheres - In Sidebar News, I've added two new links under our Muses list. A trio of rather cool collegiates heads up Renaissance Men Don't Surf, and I think an AiH concert review is up on their site so be sure to check them out. Covert Curiousity is another blog from our parts, and he gives a great view on Austin artists and going-ons (think Austinist if it was all music). Also, don't forget about those two new boxes on top of our archives. We love our mixes, and we hope you all do too...

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Otherwheres - And finally, Mike at Nothing But Green Lights is up for a BT Digital Music Award. Pat him on the back by voting for him.
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