[The Hair]
Ah, I've got my internet back, and I can finally post again. Now I don't know how long you've been reading or if you've ever rummaged through our archives, but today I take a page from an older post to hopefully rekindle a spark in your mind. So who is it I come to remind you of on this day? Why a quartet under the name of The Hair. The Hair? Yeah, I thought it was a weird name back then too. And like last time, I still think the boys are entitled to call themselves whatever the hell they want under the condition that they slice through the air with soundwaves of some very good rock. Unlike last time, however, The Hair have been up to many new things. A multitude of gigs and a major festival appearance have given them a fresh fanbase and jumpstarted this group from Leeds. Eh, Leeds? Yet another place in the UK? Worry not, for these boys are no regurgitation from those isles. This crew manages to separate themselves by spiking their prom punch with just a bit more. Take an auditory gander, for there's the air of some 70s funk band in their tunage. With a bit more bass, grunts, ohs, and yes I believe that's a cowbell, this band wants you on the floor dancing...now. I have rather high hopes for these guys, so it's a wonder to me why they're still unsigned.

From The Hair (all songs are right click - save as):
Thinking Loud Is Borderline
Brick Supply

The boys are kind enough to distribute a whole album's worth of music at their site in hopes of getting s'more love.

And just a little something special I found while I was out and about in the internetdom. My apology for putting up such a late post if you will...
Sidney Betts

Because holy wow as if searching "The Hair" doesn't give you interesting enough results, I give you The Hair site.
Be their friend!


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