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Ah, it's that (and if you're a gal, that other) time of the month again. If you're not familiar with Bishop Allen's plans for this year, it goes like this - Bishop Allen is a band from Brooklyn that took a nice hiatus shortly after the release of their debut hit Charm School in order to write their (currently) label-less album Clementines. As that album strolls about for release, they're going to send out an EP every month for a year - yes, every month. Now, Alina is pretty sick of me writing about Bishop Allen every month (and maybe you are too), but that's just what happens when a band decides to release something on that sort of schedule. We're already 10 months in, and that means we've only got two EPs left to wait for. Being November, the latest release from these Brooklynites is October and the song to premiere this month may actually pump some neurons in your noggin. The title of the song, yes, will remind you of their soon to be released album, but the song itself is actually a brushed up piece that's strolled about with Bishop Allen under two other names - "A Toast From Benefit Street" and "Come Clean". Now I thought something was funny when Clementines started streaming out of my speakers. Clementines is clear proof that a band can indeed release something over the course of twelve months and not lose any flair in what they produce within that 365 day period. Sure, sure they still have two months left. Sure, sure Clementines is technically a re-remake of a song. However, you forget my friend that October still has 3 other tracks, and at 10 months into a year-long project, you might as well say they already won. Bishop Allen is currently on a mini-tour with dates that include Denver and Chicago. Be sure to check them out if you can, and pick up an EP or two - at $5 each, you're practically stealing them.

From October (all songs are right click - save as):

From July:
Click Click Click Click

From May:
Butterfly Nets

From February:
Queen of the Rummage Sale

Pick up more tracks from Bishop Allen at their site.
Be their friend!


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I think perhaps you need a Bishop Allen template...something that works kind of like a mad lib where you can just scribble in new adjectives and song titles...It will generate a new Bishop Allen review just like that!!

Blogger Brad aka Penguin said...
My Side - Aha, I might as well be using a template by now. That's not to say I'm not sort of cheating right now though. The italicized writing is something I've used for all my Bishop Allen EP posts...