[The Octopus Project Touring]
Around these days, it seems like people are just slapping their work with the label of "instrumental" in an effort to justify their wordless noise or songs with failed lyrics, just like how we, back in high school art, kept calling the crappiest of our stuff "abstract." But then you stumble onto an outfit like the Octopus Project, a true professional, and realize, despite those label-slappers, all is still well with instrumental music, and there are people out there who still care about what they're actually doing. The Octopus Project don't just go about crashing cymbals or pushing keys, they intricately compose their pieces to perfection, and they'll scream "HOT SINNERS!" themselves if they have to - everything just goes together in the end. The trio recently announced a string of tour dates, and there have also been news of them planning to participate in this year's South By. Instrumental. Sentimental. Yet another Austin gem...

Octopus Project Tour
Jan 12 Dallas, TX
Feb 9 Denton, TX
Feb 10 Lubbock, TX
Feb 11 Tucson, AZ
Feb 12 Phoenix, AZ
Feb 13 San Diego, CA
Feb 14 Tijuana, MX
Feb 15 Los Angeles, CA
Feb 16 San Francisco, CA
Feb 17 Portland, OR
Feb 18 Seattle, WA

From One Hundred Ten Thousand Million (all songs right click - save as):
The Adjustor
Music Is Happiness

Various Songs From The Octopus Project:
HMRA Sinners
The Way Things Go

You can pick up some merch and a few extra songs at the Octopus Project site.
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Anonymous josé l báez said...
Totally agree with you. They are an awesome instrumental band. I always think of them like a sort of "danceable post-rock". Love the keyboardist.
Their song The way things go it's my favourite.

Blogger Brad aka Penguin said...
José - I don't know how The Way Things Go got by me, I'll have to remember that next time! When it comes to their genre, The Octopus Project is definitely a group in a league of their own...

Blogger Brad aka Penguin said...
I realized I was rather smitten with The Way Things Go too, so I went ahead and added it...