[Okkervil River]

Gather round children, because it's story time! In the cold land of Russia, where buildings top in onions and dolls like to nest aplenty, a wealthy Swedish colonel constructed his home on the bank of a river that would eventually bear his name - Okkervil. The river I speak of, however, runs through a slightly different red territory. Residing in the heart of Texas is rock sextet Okkervil River, and together they produce a sound seeped in emotion. Originally growing roots in New Hampshire, Okkervil River was once a trio of high school friends - Will Sheff headed with vocals, Zach Thomas picked up on bass, and Seth Warren took to the drums. After parting ways for college, the three decided to reunite and pick up where they left off in Austin, and over the years they've gained a new member or two. Now while most "hardasses" see it fit to expel their heavy thoughts through yelling and loud noise, Okkervil River gets things done in a less ostentatious manner. With Sheff behind the mic, emotion progresses through a lowly, ragged voice. Couple this with their song's subjects, and you get plenty of their passion from fictitious characters that range anything from murderers to guys that are just down on their luck. And they lived happy-talking-about-the-sad-ily ever after...

Various songs from Okkervil River (all songs are right click - save as):
For Real
No Key, No Plan

Check up on the group's shows or pick up some more songs at the Okkervil River site.
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Anonymous Anonymous said...
Hey, I've been checking your blog for about two weeks now, you've had some really awesome bands posted. Today though I came across Chris Garneau and went on his myspace and saw he had a long list of artists worth checking out, some of these names include;

gregory and the hawk
jenny o
jenny owen youngs
sunset rubdown
grizzly bear
david poe
the dead science
frog eyes

now i'm not sure if you've posted about any of them in the past year but they are totally rocking.

have a sweet sweet sunday!