[Run Run Run]
"All, all of a sudden I can't stand..."

No, no - this isn't some yearbook book photo of Snape and some other Slytherin capers from Hogwarts' earlier days. Rather, this brooding crew is the Los Angeles-based quartet of Run Run Run. Adjectives I hear in reference to this group run along the lines of fun, entertaining, and goofy. Surprise, surprise - certainly not the words that would have come to mind when I see the picture above, and their music? Run Run Run displays quite a bit of variety in their discography. I've recently come to love the track All Of A Sudden. What I anticipated to be a mere background track as I did some work came bursting through as my main focus. Starting off with some gentle guitar work, the track gradually builds in anticipation of the vocals, and the vocals really take the cake with this track. Xander Smith's vocals come out like an effortless breath, and the echo that follows gives a depth to the entire track. Good stuff indeed, and it's certainly been noticed by some other class acts. I've come to pretty much know these guys as the after party band. Riding the highs of the likes of The Flaming Lips and Interpol, Run Run Run are the ones that make sure you're set for the rest of your night. Speaking of Interpol, Run Run Run are certainly going to their job and make sure your sent off well for the night at the after party show for Interpol at Stubb's Wednesday night. It's free for all you Interpol-goers and only $10 for everyone else. If you're already at Stubb's that night, you pretty much have no reason not to go so be sure to mosey on over afterwards....

Various Songs From Run Run Run (all songs are right click - save as):
All Of A Sudden
Fade Into You

Learn more about these guys at the Run Run Run site.
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