[Fujiya & Miyagi]
"Got to get a new pair of shoes to kick it with her, not kick it with you"

The deceivingly non-Japanese, non-duo group of Fujiya & Miyagi have been touring across the US, and tonight, they come down on my fair city of Austin. I realize, if it pertains to you, this comes unhandily late, but I don't think I can get through this day without mentioning it anyway. Fujiya & Miyagi will be hitting the limestone-backed stage of none other than Club de Ville tonight, so if you're in my general area of Austin, Texas and the immediate beyond, I highly suggest you head on over and have yourself a good time. This group will undoubtedly have you moving, and their live events are, I'm sure, hip little dance parties. Bellicose whispers, strong rhythms, persistent beats - despite having such aggressive components, Fujiya & Miyagi's sound carries an overall demeanor of laid back ease. It's ethereal, yet sharp. It just digs into your skin and slowly gets you moving with such a deftness that chances are you probably won't notice yourself moving to their music. Though Austin completes the US leg of their tour and has them bidding farewell to our shores, the trio will press on with dates in Europe, so go forth my dear readers and party...

From Transparent Things (all songs are right click - save as):
Ankle Injuries

From Uh Single:

Learn more about this trio at the Fujiya & Miyagi site.
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Anonymous Michael said...
They started late last night but I don't think anyone minded. Let me just go ahead and vouch that it was very, very chill. Those guys definitely knew how to cap off something as mundane as a Tuesday...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
It would be absolutely awesome if you could post a song from the band that opened for them, "HJIH" I think but I can't remember who they were