"Here's to you, here's to me."

Two out of every five cubicle workers in the United States are likely to be cased clinically insane sometime after a company termination. I really just made that up, but I needed a way to work into the Office - no pun intended, though knowing me, I probably did intend it. In the end, I'm sure my fake statistic isn't too far off because that environment is precisely what Scott Masson was trying to escape from when he concocted the likes of this pop rock quintet from Chicago. Office follows the successful band formula of being fun, catchy, and bouncy. Not to play the whole office theme, but this group's music is just perfectly productive; the beats come at you with a pace so infectious, you just can't help but respond to it by chair-bopping or pencil-tapping. Wound Up in particular has a vibe that would wanna get you movin' and goin' places with it's lighthearted and carefree demeanor. In what hopefully hasn't become a habit, I've got a bit of a late announcement for any Austinites reading this. The Chicagoans are gusting through Texas' capital city tonight at Mohawk's! Late? I know, and I'm sorry but things these days tend to slip my mind. What's that you say? You live in a different city? Well lucky you - you've got a bit more time to prepare, because Austin isn't the only place Office is planning on moseying through.

Office Tour Dates
Oct. 18 Dallas, Texas Palladium Loft
Oct. 20 Denver, Colorado Larimer Lounge
Oct. 22 Phoenix, Arizona The Paper Hearts Venue
Oct. 23 San Diego, California The Casbah
Oct. 24 Los Angeles, California The Troubador

Various Songs From Office (all songs are right click - save as):
Oh My
Wound Up

Learn more at the Office site.
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Anonymous Emily said...
I just got their album A Night At The Ritz, definitely looking forward to catching them in San Diego this Tuesday

Anonymous Tim said...
Not sure if they took off for their tour right after, but I caught them right here in their hometown a while back - absolutely awesome with just loads more energy live than on their tracks...