[The Bridge Club]
"Cause the feelin's so good, you know I'm gonna work it all out"

Every now and again, I'll find something to look into only to find out that they're no more. They're my found too late finds - groups that have since gone on to do other things. Rather than letting them just erm, rest in peace, I thought I'd play Frankenstein and put a bit of life back into them. Resurrected today - Bridge Club.

Bridge Club is a Minneapolis-based trio that's been hiding in my music library for the past two years or so. Unfortunately, they didn't get randomized into play until well after their breakup in 2007. What really got me going on these guys was Closed Room, a track that, much to the dismay of the person walking behind me, literally had me stop in my tracks. With that Psycho Killer-esque riff at it's start, I couldn't help getting sucked in. Listen in on the Bridge Club...

Various Songs From The Bridge Club (all songs are right click - save as):
Closed Room
Don't Pretend
Deep Underground

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