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Both Sides on Side One: Track One

Be sure to head on over to to Side One: Track One today as I put in my word as a guest writer this summer!

Featured on SOTO:
Magic Man
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"I know we barely know each other, but I love you guys - fellow music nerds. I'd hit you up with a hug, but the internet doesn't really accommodate that happening. Instead, the best sort of lovin' I can ever give a reader as a blogger is a great band...with lots of free downloads..."

From Magic Man's Real Life Color:

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No Otherwheres On Here, Guys


Anonymous Josh BLalock said...
Magic man are great! I had the chance to see them in Austin during SXSW & conducted an interview with them a couple weeks before. check it out: http://blalocksirp.com/interviews/531-magic-man-interview

Blogger Javier said...
Great song!! I have a question for you, how you upload your music to your blog?? I know how to put the yahoo media player, but where you upload the music?