Put It In The Ground And Sing a Funeral Song...

After eleven years together, Sleater-Kinney is throwing in the towel calling their departure an "indefinite hiatus." A statement by Sleater-Kinney reads:

We feel lucky to have had the support of many wonderful people over the years. We want to thank everyone who has worked with us, written kind words about us, performed with us, and inspired us.

But mostly we want to extend our gratitude to our amazing fans. You have been a part of our story from the beginning. We could not have made our music without your enthusiasm, passion, and loyalty. It is you who have made the entire journey worthwhile.

With love and thanks,
I would be lying if I say that I don't include myself with the countless others that say they're saddened by this news. Sleater-Kinney was definitely one of the first bands I could honestly proclaim as a "favorite", and their break-up is just a good blow to the brain. Eleven years that has yielded seven great albums from their self-titled debut to one of their label's best sellers The Woods. Sleater-Kinney has had an energy that blasted through any speaker that dare played them with songs like "Entertain" and "Combat Rock", yet had the skill to lessen the pace with works like "Leave You Behind."The band's current summer tour will be there last, and as of now, there will be no plans for any future tours or albums. So lift a glass to Sleater-Kinney, and enjoy their tunes...

The following dates will be your last chance to see Sleater-Kinney, hopefully you can catch one of these dates:

Jul 29 Mellwood Arts Center Louisville, KY
Jul 31 Starlight Ballroom Philadelphia, PA
Aug 01 930 Club Washington, DC
Aug 02 Webster Hall New York City, NY
Aug 04 Lollapalooza (Grant Park) Chicago, IL
Aug 11 The Crystal Ballroom Portland, OR

Various Songs from Sleater-Kinney (right click - save as):

You're No Rock 'N Roll Fun

Sleater-Kinney Site