[Acid House Kings]
Now I have to be honest, the first time I read the band name "Acid House Kings," I instinctually stayed away. In fact, if it wasnt for another post that showcased the above picture (minus the tweaking), I probably never would have listening to this sweet quartet from the abnormally happy region of IKEA-land. It took just a few listens to throw out all the scary connotations that laced the name, and I now carry acidic items, modest homes, and male monarchy in high esteem. Acid House Kings' sound carries the euphonic aura that typically attaches itself to a lot of the music from the same area and so much more. For one, the vocals carry an undeniable airy feel to it, and then come the snaps, claps, tambourining, bell-shaking - it's simply poppy perfection. Acid House Kings embarked on their "huge" American tour earlier this month and wrapped up their week-long trip yesterday in Philadelphia.

From Sing Along with Acid House Kings (all songs are right click - save as):
Do What You Wanna Do
This Heart is a Stone

Various songs from Acid House Kings:
Sunday Morning
Keep Your Love [Loveninjas Cover]

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