Combine Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream, and Vangelis, throw in a smudge of jazz and dance, and you will get the wonder that is Air, or Nicolas Goedin and JB Dunckel. These Frenchmen first formed their band in 1995, with their critically acclaimed sophomore album, Moon Safari, releasing in 1998. Two years later, they composed and recorded the soundtrack to Sofia Coppola's masterpiece, The Virgin Suicides, unarguably putting them on the music map. Three albums, eighteen singles, and countless remixes and compilations later (including a second soundtrack gig for Lost in Translation, also by Sofia Coppola), Air is still alive and breathing, with a DJ mix album, Late Night Tales: Air, scheduled to release on September 11 (questionable release date I know), 2006.

To be perfectly honest, Air would not ordinarily be a band on my Frequently Played list. But their versatility, jumping from echo-y acoustic to pure synthesizer, keeps me interested and engaged in their unique sound. Air sits atop a mountain of music that they have created, and I am sure that you will be able to find at least a handful of favorites amongst their many many projects. Here are some of mine:

mp3 People in the City
mp3 Sexy Boy
mp3 Cherry Blossom Girl
mp3 Ce Matin La

Air's Official site

Air's Myspace

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