[Andrew Bird]
So, Andrew Bird (nothing new I know). Hailing from Chicago, this fellow only plays through my speakers instinctually. You see, there are times when my hand just moves to iTunes and I pick something out subconsciously - 7o% of the time I pick Andrew Bird everytime. Is it the mesmerizing twinge of his violin? How his songs actually capture the essence of hip? His haunting, sing-as-if-I'm-only-just-talking vocals, or perhaps his damn good whistling? Whatever it is, his last album The Mysterious Production of Eggs came to be a favorite last year and continues to funnel out my speakers. Mr. Bird is planning on an Americanada tour in Fall, including a stop at his hometown for Lollapalooza. Though he touches nothing here in the South, I suggest you check him out if you yourself can.

From The Mysterious Production of Eggs (All songs right click - save as):
Skin, Is My
Fake Palindromes
A Nervous Tic Motion of the Head to the Left

Learn more about Andrew Bird including his tour dates at his site.
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