[Archie Bronson Outfit]
Ya know, lately, many of my favorite finds are coming out of the British Isles. It seems, right now, those kids just know how to groove, and the latest groove-maker to shake out of the island nation is a trio under the name of the Archie Bronson Outfit. Recently releasing their latest album Derdang Derdang on American shores under UK label Domino Records, Archie Bronson Outfit carry the free-loving sound of some 70s flower child. Their sound is full of contrasts. In Dart For My Sweetheart, for one, the intense rush of roughed urgency in Sam Windett's vocals are accented by the airy leagues of the chorus. Brash, yet subtle; simple, yet brilliantly complex. The Archie Bronson Outfit step off the average timeline of Brit Rock and continue to progress on their own macheted path of music. Archie Bronson Outfit are knockin about for a tour here and there in Europe starting August and will be wandering circles on the other side of the Atlantic at the States in October. So I offer you these tracks freshly squeezed from Derdang Derdang and invite you to a good old-fashioned rock out.

Derdang Derdang (All Songs Are Right Click - Save As):
Dart For My Sweetheart
Dead Funny

Learn about their European (and later American) tour dates at the
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