This band will be quite big soon, I am sure. I can say this with confidence because they've become semi-big already. Being featured on MTV, touring with big names like Goo Goo Dolls and The Fray, and playing huge venues like House of Blues, Augustana can be expected to be playing on the radio in the next year or so.

But is that so bad? Does a band automatically suck once they collide with the mainstream?

Jimmy Eat World, my favorite band of all time, decided to suck it with shitty songs like "The Middle" after being thrown into the limelight. Likewise, The Get Up Kids, although now deceased, blatantly sold out on their last, saccharine album. Will Augustana soon follow in their footsteps?

It's quite possible, being that their music is so appealing to pop listeners in the first place. Their music is undeniably catchy, with edgy-but-still-accessible vocals. Actually, they are strongly reminiscent of Switchfoot... Anyway, the popstar in me still enjoys Augustana immensely. I posted their song "Boston" before on my "Cities" post, and if you liked that, you'll for sure like the others songs I have listed below. So hurry up and listen so you can tell everyone you listened to Augustana before they sold out on the mainstream.

mp3 Bullets
mp3 Not Alone
mp3 Stars and Boulevards
mp3 Mayfield

Augustana's Official site
Augustana's Myspace