Built to Spill

So Built to Spill is one of my favorites. I sent some of their songs to Bradley a few weeks ago, and I'm pretty sure he liked them. If both of us like it, you should like it, too.
, I'm super excited about them not only 'cause they have a new album out, You in Reverse, and not only 'cause they're on tour right now (dates and times on their myspace), but also because I just learned that they're from Boise, Idaho! And I'm moving to Boise, Idaho next year! And I was so scared that Boise would be hell! But if Built to Spill is from Boise, it can't be all that bad! Yessuh! If any of you readers are from Boise, tell me so, so I can find you when I get there and hang out with you and discuss music and potatoes and such.

Well, to be completely honest, You in Reverse is not my favorite album from them. Ancient Melodies of the Future is. But it's still alright. Below I have posted a few songs from a few of their albums. I kind of am deeply in love with them all except the new one, although Conventional Wisdom is quite good. Maybe it will grow on me with time. Like Bradley's music.

Listen and enjoy!

mp3 Car- from There's Nothing Wrong With Love
mp3 In Your Mind- from Ancient Melodies of the Future =)
mp3 Still Flat- from The Normal Years
mp3 Conventional Wisdom- from You in Reverse

Built to Spill's Official site
Built to Spill's Myspace if you didn't already see the previous link