[Camera Obscura]
Is there even really a need to introduce this simple sextet from Scotland? If I must - Camera Obscura started up in the musical womb that numerous other bands seem to start in, that's right a basement, specifically bassist Gavin Dunbar's basement in 1996. There were only three of them then, but the band had doubled by the time of their debut album Biggest Bluest Hi Fi in 2000. 2003 saw the release of much praised Underachievers Please Try Harder, and it was a year later that Camera Obscura pricked up ears and gained more attention on the other side of the Atlantic by signing with much ado label Merge Records. Their last album Let's Get Out of This Country was released under the label last month and has already been hitting some of the "Best of Mid-year" lists, and it's no surprise. Let's Get Out of This Country carries a very young and fresh sound for a band that's been around for a decade. Once again, if you're in my area of Austin, TX and the immediate beyond, the band are back to play a gig at Emo's on the 15th , and you can even enter for a chance to get in gratis here thanks to the kind folks at the Austinist. If you can't attend that, be sure to check the other dates at their site, and if you still can't see them well...listen on.

From Let's Get Out of This Country (All songs are right click - save as):
Lloyd, I'm Ready to Be Heartbroken
Let's Get Out of This Country

From Underachievers Please Try Harder:
Suspended from Class

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