Copy Cat
For as long as there have been good songs, there have been good bands that are ready and willing to cover these already recorded good songs. Below you will find a collection of nifty originals and their covers from nifty bands and their copy cats. Listen to both, see which one you like the most, and then tell me! 'Cause I really want to know! Let's have a discussion about this! Eh?

Bloc Party (original) version

Tunng version

Tunng completely mellows out Bloc Party's upbeat Pioneers.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs (original) version
The Arcade Fire version

If the original version of Maps died and was resurrected back to life in a spooky graveyard= The Arcade Fire version.

All is Full of Love
Bjork (original) version

Death Cab for Cutie version

Death Cab's version is a lot less creepy, but without the random chimes and electronic spoofs that make Bjork's original so endearing.

Radiohead (original) version
Damien Rice version
The Cure (live) version

The Cure somehow manages to make Creep sound more mature and oldies-like than the original version while Damien Rice (no surprise) transforms the song into a folk gem.

The end!

Blogger Cody said...
Can't say I'm a fan of the Arcade Fire's Maps...

Anonymous Michael said...
I'm pretty sure that's not the Cure doing Creep. Can't say who it is though...

Anonymous William said...
I can assure you that is not The Cure. I know that many years ago Tears For Fears regularly covered Creep... but it doesn't really sound like them either.

Blogger Alina said...
Dearest Michael and William,

Oh, I assure you. It's The Cure. After receiving your comments, I thoroughly looked into the matter, and although, I do agree that the song sounds different from The Cure's other songs, especially vocally, I assure you that The Cure's version of Creep is correctly displayed on this entry. Thanks for your input, though.


Anonymous Anonymous said...
Definitely not the Cure...tears for fears lead singer

Blogger Brad aka Penguin said...
Haha, Alina, I think you should just accept your defeat now...

Blogger Alina said...
Hey. Shut your face. Thanks.