[Darren Hanlon]
Oh Australia what a fun countr-inent you are. Next to the Baltics, I can always count on you for some happy music. So what more do you have to offer this time? Darren Hanlon. Mister Hanlon comes from Gympie, a city in Northeast Australia, and following the tradition of other bands that name themselves after, well, themselves, Darren Hanlon strums tunes of simplicity. He'll sing about squash, because he just feels there aren't enough songs about it. He'll sing about a girl that cuts hair, because he just fancies her. Pretty much, he'll sing because he damn well wants to, and the fact that he can follow that up with good instrumentation and a tune is just an added bonus. So listen up and give an ear to to Darren Hanlon.

Various Songs from Darren Hanlon (all songs are right click - save as):
And The Days Were Just Packed
She Cuts Hair
(There's Just Not Enough Songs About) Squash

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Blogger No One Is Awake. said...
you've got yourself a new fan and reader. i've already posted a link to your blog on mine at nooneisawake.blogspot.com
keep it up.

Blogger Pix said...
gday gday
glad your enjoying the aussie music! more so very impressed at A) the fact you've gone to such lengths uncover someone who isnt exactly a big name even here in australia & B) the glowing terms you write of such an interesting fellow.

as the previous comment said, you've got yourself another fan and atm we're finalising the links page on our blog down here in oz. expect yours to be there