Don't Worry, Be Happy
Sometimes, extremely emotional music can just get you down. So be happy! And listen to the songs I picked out for you! Smile! I love you!

Beulah- Gravity's Bringing Us Down
Bbala bbaaa lala bum... That's how this song starts out. How can it not make you f
eel good. The upbeat trumpets, frequent time changes, and rumbling drums just makes me want to dance in my underwear and kiss a stranger. It just might make you want to do the same.

Locksley- Don't Make Me Wait
The wailing vocals, trebly electric guitars, and constant snare and high hat combo will wipe the tears right off your face. Play the song, grab your mother, and swing.

New Pornographers- The Laws Have Changed
I think a huge part of what makes this song so happy is that the voices are so goddamn high. Even the male ones. I question the size of their testicles.

Red Shirt Brigade- One of Few Blues
Such good head-bobbing material! The distortion on the lead guitar is pretty trippy, and in this case, trippy=happy. The main reason I love this song so much is because the drums remain completely involved throughout the whole song. Involved meaning changing and evolving and keeping you on your toes and being fantastic.

Architecture in Helsinki- The Owls Go
This song has fucking bubbles in it. Enough said.

So I hope these songs are well appreciated. Listen and frolic. 'Cause that's what I'll be doing.

Anonymous justine said...
you are a wonderful person for putting the new porographers up