Happy Happy (Joy Joy) Birthday To You!

Today is my birthday. Tonight I will dine with friends and family (your El Penguino inclusive) at my favorite restaurant Chuy's and have a jolly good time. But, for now, I have nothing to do, so I will post some of my favorite songs from my favorite bands as a birthday entry. Hurrah!

mp3 Wheat-Don't I Hold You
mp3 Rainer Maria- Artificial Light
mp3 Tunng- Tale From Black
mp3 Sufjan Stevens- The Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts


El Penguino - And just because I have to add this in, seeing as it's almost a tradition for blogs and birthdays, here's a cheery little "ba ba bom bom" bit o' twee from Casper & The Cookies in honor of today's celebration...

Casper & the Cookies (right click - save as):

Yer Birthday

Happy Birthday Aliner!

Anonymous C-Train said...
Angie steals the show