Hey Mercedes
I love Hey Mercedes to pieces, and you must know this fact right away. Bob Nanna, the head vocalist for the group, has a voice that simply strikes me as round. I don't know why that word always comes to mind when I hear him sing... Round and trebly and powerful, yet contained. That is the voice of Bob Nanna. The energy of the band is amazing. Whether their songs are fast and furious, ex: Eleven to Your Seven, or sweetly slow and melodic, like Unorchestrated, a vivid and bright force seems to be constantly driving their sound. Plus everything about their music is beautifully catchy. Just try and listen to Bells, my favorite track from them by the way, without at least some minor head bobbage. All in all, Hey Mercedes is good good fun and great great music.

mp3 Bells
mp3 Eleven to Your Seven
m4p Unorchestrated
mp3 Every Turn