Quartet Heypenny casualed the blogs a few months ago, but it never caught on as well as some of us expected it to. I still don't know why it didn't, but I think his music is just greatness and highly danceable/spasticable(?). Heypenny hails from Country Central Nashville, yet for his location, he offers us with some great, cheery rock music insisting that his base of operations is more than just country music and big hair. Lead Ben Elkins drew influence for Heypenny's debut title Use These Spoons from bands such as Coldplay and The Beatles, but I liked it best when it was described that his music is more like Sufjan with funk - I think such definitely conveys in the song Parade. Heypenny has high-paced tunes such as Secreterror and the aforementioned Parade, but also carries laid-back tunes like Seem So Small and Walnut St. Bridge. Really its just a cd for any occassion, but truly Heypenny serves it best with danceable/sing-along charmers like Parade and Dooley.

From Use These Spoons(all songs right click - save as):

Seem So Small

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