Howl Howl Gaff Gaff
Ah, Sweden... They have provided us with Swedish Fish, Ikea, and great indie bands...
... like Shout Out Louds! Although they may not be independent anymore, their music is still as unique and fresh as when they were. This band of five has been a tight knit group of friends ever since they were kids. All natives of Stockholm, Shout Out Louds are currently touring Europe. Damn. Although they have toured in America, no such tour is scheduled as of yet. But do not fret! American tours will soon come, I am sure. As for now, listen to these four precious songs that I have fallen in love with. Their sound is friendly and upbeat, with a slightly wildly whiny vocal and simple chord progressions with occasional solos. True, their music is far from musically complicated, but it's made up for with their catchy melodies and insightful, if silly, lyrics. "If I shout shout shout my name, you'll always remember my name." How strikingly true...

mp3 The Comeback
mp3 Hurry Up, Let's Go
mp3 My Friend and the Ink On His Fingers
mp3 Shut Your Eyes

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