It Started in a Factory...
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Ah it's that (and if you're a gal, that other) time of the month again, if you're not familiar with Bishop Allen's plans for this year, it goes like this - Bishop Allen is a band that hails from Brooklyn, and took a nice hiatus shortly after their debut hit Charm School in order to write their (currently) label-less album Clementines. As that album strolls about waiting for release, they're going to distribute an EP every month - yes, every month. Last month, they released Butterfly Nets - a great ukelele stringed piece that carries the surprise of a soft female-headed vocal. This month goes back to a more traditional Bishop Allen sound as they weave the story about a fire that blazed away a factory they sang about back in March's The Monitor. Using said fire as a catalyst,
The Same Fire is a great example of what it is that Bishop Allen does best - tell tales. When it all boils down to the basics, Bishop Allen are, above all else, great storytellers. So come sit indian-style round that campfire and listen in...

From June (all songs right click - save as):

The Same Fire

From May:

Butterfly Nets

From March:

The Monitor

You can get the flagship song for each month at Bishop Allen's site, or even better buy the monthly EPs for only $5 each.

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