It's A Sound We Used to Buy on Cassette and 45...
Photo Courtesy of Autumn De Wilde

So you've got just about every Spoon record by now, these kids, though a comes-and-goes member or two every now and then, have been together and playing music for over decade. What's left to get? Well if you're as enthusiastic as me when it comes to this Austin, Texas gem, then you know the Holy Grail, when it comes to the discography of this band, is none other than the uber-rare Telephono record. I mean, you'd think it'd be a Holy Grail-esque disc if the thing gets slapped on Amazon with a price tag of over $60. Not ony has the grail been found, it's being mass produced for Cheapy McPoories like us. Thanks to the kind folks at Merge Records, Telephono is being re-issued, and is already set for pre-order. The album itself is going to be released July 25th with remastered tracks and original album art, additionally in the words of Ron Popeil, "BUT that's not all!" That's right kiddos, there's more. Telephono is set to be a two-disc release; a package deal of both Telephono and the just as rare Soft Effects EP. All still at the price of one very good cd.

From Telephono(all files right click - save as):

Idiot Driver
All The Negatives Have Been Destroyed

From Soft Effects:

Mountain to Sound
I Could See the Dude

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Blogger KQB said...
Augh!! I bought that at Holy Grail price a year ago...that's cool that Soft Effects is coming out too. Cool blog :)

Blogger Adam said...
the soft effects ep was the first cd I bought when I moved to Austin. It was a staff pick at Tower Records. It and all their others are in some box in my parents house across the ocean. this'll tide me over for a while. Thanks. oh yeah, great blog.