It's You! It's Me! It's Dancing!

I have to give the credit of this wonderous find to Mike at Nothing But Green Lights - the music he suggests sometimes are as awesome as his music streamy thingies. All right, before I start, go ahead and right click the song below and open the tune to play in a new window. Los Campesinos! is a group of rowdy ruffigans based in Cardiff, and just goes to show that those Brits still know how to have fun. I can't put it any better than the group themselves when they describe their music with the fact that "...
one day you will wake in the middle of the night and the water on your face will not be from the cold sweat that your dreams of impending doom have produced but from tears of joy squeezed out by a lingering melody, a droning violin, a haunting mantra or a panic attack brought on by a song so tight and serene and messy and polished and dense that it suffocates you like the fumes of the paint that made your favourite album covers. Actually, it's just pop music." Actually it's just pop music? Oh no, you kiddos truly served up an understatement with that, and by now the song that you opened earlier has gone from the ease of that guitar into the melodious, fast-paced "bum-bum-bum" beat that we oh so love with twee. Play on Los Campesinos! Even if you insist that your perfectly composed pieces are just "pop music."

Los Campesinos! (right click - save as):

You! Me! Dancing!
Sweet Dreams, Sweet Cheeks
It Started With A Mixx

And while you're friending them, why don't you download more of their tunes there too!

Los Campesinos! Myspace