[Land of Ill Earthquakes]
Land of Ill Earthquakes is, appropriately enough, a San Andreas fault-hugging septet from California that produce delightful rock tunes of an innocent nature. I truly think field trips for this bunch are just desinations to various kinder classes. At one point a kiddie xylophone is even used, and with skill I might add. Those things usually only have like what 8 keys? The way I see it, Land of Ill Earthquakes is what you get if Architecture in Helsinki grew up on American shores in the golden state of California - or, at least, I can especially muster that idea from listening to the song Judy. Everything about that song is just so playful and frolicky; I don't even know who the hell Judy is, but let it be known that I want to be her best friend now.

Various Songs from Land of Ill Earthquakes (all songs are right click - save as):
Acres of Fakers
Long Winter

Learn more about the kiddos at the Land of Ill Earthquakes site.
Be their friend!
Anonymous bunny said...
hi Penguin,

thanks very much for having us on your blog! we really appreciate it and were glad you enjoyed the music. (^_^)

the only correction i must make is that we are actually a seven piece. she's a girl and she plays the flute and the piano too. she's really cute. okay, thanks!

take good care!