[Little Man Tate]
This group of delinquents took their name from the Jodie Foster-directed movie about a child prodigy, and though they're well past the child prodigy stage, prodigy they may still be. Little Man Tate is a four-man group based out of Sheffield, home of the ever-explosive Arctic Monkeys. They definitely, however, do not carry the same sound. Little Man Tate composes of a sound that echoes a bit of Interpol or the Faint and a slight of Franz; now I'm not saying they're composed solely of those parts, but they do make up some of their demeanor. I don't know how else to dissect them, but for me it just has to be said that their sound dictates a certain "I'm British, and I want you to know it" sound.

Various Demos from Little Man Tate (All songs are right click - save as):
Court Report
Down on Marie
Sexy in Latin
Man, I Hate Your Band

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