Now this find is thanks to Matt at YANP. Locksley are a four-piece from Brooklyn, and since I first heard about them, they've gone and done rather big things - Don't Make Me Wait was used for Starz' promo, She Does prompted play on commercials. Their newest track Why Not Me is set for play on a new MTV show (my guess title alone, is hrm another dating show(?)). So why all the popularity? I've said it before, and I'll still stick by it - Locksley is the embodiment of summer; Locksley just bleeds the season. Full of handclaps and boyish choruses, Locksley are just the modernization of the Beach Boys sound, so open that beach chair and dig your heels into the sand with these tunes...

From Locksley (All songs are right click - save as):
Into The Sun
Don't Make Me Wait
Why Not Me

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