Lovers, Lead the Way!
Although their name might not be all too familiar, chances are, you've heard Kevin and Anita Robinson, or Viva Voce, before; teen dramas like One Tree Hill and The O.C. feature their music regularly. That being said, yes Viva Voce is on the pop side. But pop doesn't always have to be attached to a boy band or a platinum blonde diva with fake boobs. Some pop can be friendly and sugar-free, with keen musical sense and feel-good quality. Viva Voce is a perfect example of that region of the music genre. So listen to the songs and try and catch them on tour. They're traveling around RIGHT NOW!

mp3 Alive With Pleasure
mp3 One In Every Crowd
mp3 Wrecking Ball

Viva Voce's Official site
Viva Voce's Myspace

I think I like it.