A Million Middle Fingers
Matt Pond PA is a Philadelphia based band created by (durr...) a cool cat by the name of Matt Pond in 1998. With six years of existance, Matt Pond PA consequently has six albums out, the most recently being Several Arrows Later in 2005. All albums are worth checking out, but Emblems is most definitely my favorite (the serene chill song "New Hampshire" comes off of this album). Vocal layering in their music is superb with ever present dimension and depth. Their sound is mainly acoustic, calm, and pleasant with a hint of eeriness. OoOoh... Well, Matt Pond PA is in the middle of a pretty extensive tour as of now, hitting up some random states and cities. If you live in Athens, OH or Norfolk, VA, make sure to see them. Tour dates are posted on their official site.

mp3 New Hampshire
mp3 Fairlee
mp3 Closer
mp3 Possibilities of Summer

Matt Pond PA's Official site
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