My Night with Fiona

So last night was spent with a good friend and three new ones: David Garza, Damien Rice, and Fiona Apple. This show at The Backyard was amazing. Best birthday present of my life.

David Garza's band is unique at best: an electric guitar, bari sax, and tuby keyboard deal (if you know the proper name, please tell me). Garza has a smooth voice, ideal for skat. Unfortunately, there was a general lack of skat, along with a general lack of rhythm and excitement. No wonder the crowd couldn't stop chattering throughout his set.

Damien Rice blew me away. He used his nifty overlap pedal to perform complex vocal breaks on the spot. And remember his version of Creep I mentioned earlier? Yea, he played a bit of that in the middle of Blower's Daughter. What a g...

And now for Fiona. She is one crazy bitch. Boobs swinging, body sweating, hair flying, hands thrashing. That is Fiona Apple. Throughout her time onstage, she proceeded to beat herself on the head, scream obscenities in the middle of the verses, sans mic, and stop midsong to make sure no one in the crowd was hurt. Pfwhaat??? But amid the insanity and the drunk calls from the crowd of "FIONNAAAAAAA," her music truly touched me. I would kill our beloved Bradley to have Fiona's voice. Some of my Fiona favorites are below.

Extaordinary Machine

Not About Love
Get Him Back

(P.S. I apologize for my lack of concert pictures. The bitches wouldn't let my camera baby in.)