A Night of Jollification...
If you're in my area and live around Austin, then I highly suggest you make your way to Emo's for a great two-for-one special on their stages tonight. You get two stages with local sounds from bands like Sound Team, Zykos, What Made Milwaukee Famous, and The Glass Family. Now it's Emo's so you can expect to get around well enough with only a twenty, and with a bill like that - how can you resist? Each band has their own unique mark to contribute to the night; I'd go deeper into each artist on the bill, but that'd make a helluva long post. Instead I direct you to some music as a sample of what's to go on tonight, and point you in the direction of Emo's...

(Artist name leads to site & all songs are right click - save as):

Songs from Sound Team:
Your Eyes Are Liars
Movie Monster

Songs from What Made Milwaukee Famous:

Songs from Zykos:
The Gambler

Songs from the Glass Family:
Swimming in Fiction
Stop Dead in Your Tracks