Orenda & Maria
Orenda Fink and Maria Taylor are Azure Ray. Their music is delicate, deeply emotional, and hauntingly personal. November and Sea of Doubts, in particular, are sung in almost a whisper, delivered directly to the ear of the listener. It is this soft quality of Azure Ray that makes their sound so touching and pure.
mp3 If You Fall
mp3 November
mp3 Sea of Doubts

Orenda Fink's solo project differs greatly from both Azure Ray and Maria Taylor. Driving guitars with striking minor chords and melodies are present in her independent sound, especially present in Bloodline. Still, her haunting vocals remain unchanged, although the supporting voices prove exceedingly eery.
mp3 Bloodline
mp3 No Evolution

Maria Taylor's music is so happy and clean, it's a wonder the collaboration that is Azure Ray ever took place. Slightly folksy with pleasant banjos and violins, Maria Taylor just paints a glossy glow over all the world. Both Song Beneath the Song (featured on the Grey's Anatomy soundtrack) and Speak Easy perfectly demonstrate her feel-good sound.
mp3 Song Beneath the Song
mp3 Speak Easy
Anonymous Ranya said...
Hey leanbean,
i fell in love with song beneath a song today. Thank you :]

Thanks for featuring them. They are very nice people.