PAS/CAL, as far as I know, aren't up to anything, but that won't keep me from posting about thiem. Summer is the season for Locksley, well it's also the season for PAS/CAL. Offset from song titles like Summer Is Almost Here and The Bronzed Beach Boys (Come On Let's Go), there they stand in they Candyland frame (by the way, the 'pimp' with the cane is supposed to be Lord Licorice) licking away at lollipops and laughing - of course they're for summer. Like Locksley, PAS/CAL managed to bottle up a season, however, they carry a different summer sound. Their essence of the seasom carries the usual airy choruses, but the there's something else...tambourining? I really can't say, but something's there. Here's your (late) dose of PAS/CAL's summery season.

Various Songs from PAS/CAL (All songs are right click - save as):

Bronzed Beach Boys (Come On Let's Go)
What Happened to the Sands
Summer Is Almost Here
O Honey, We're Ridiculous (Demo)

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Anonymous Anonymous said...
They have just completed a new record. It should be out before the year's end.

Anonymous Penguin said...
Thanks anon - that's some info I haven't gotten wind of anywhere...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
the New album is out April 29, 2008