Pinehurst Kids
Who are the Pinehurst Kids? Hell if I know. Their lineup is in a constant state of change, with the only real nucleus being the singer and guitarist Joe Davis. That being said, I would have to say that I liked the band best when it was a quartet, with Caleb Gates on bass, Devin Morrow on guitar, and Tony Howard on drums. With this doomed yet fabulous four, Pinehurst Kids came out with the highly acclaimed album, Bleed it Dry. Morrow and Davis put together some crazy guitar duos, with harmonies and riffs intertwining and colliding, only to collapse into driving power chords, then back again. Listen to The Onceler and you'll see what I mean - maybe it's just because I'm a guitar player, but I fell in love with the band entirely because of the great guitars in this song. I'm a firm believer that a great deal of musical quality left with Devin Morrow, only to leave a shell of what once was... *Tear*... Listen to the songs I have posted, then check up on their Myspace for their new stuff, and get back to me and tell me if you agree.

mp3 The Onceler
mp3 Spinning Out

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