Rainy Mix
Above is a painting by my favorite artist, René Magritte. It's raining stuffy business men!
Certain environments always have an effect as to what music I'm in the mood for. I love life most when it rains, and I think that may give some insight into my musical taste. Maybe? Give me some feedback.
Anyway, here's a mix I came up with that seems like a good compilation of rain songs. No, not Norah Jones or James Blunt, but just some hardcore rain music. Yea?
By the way, I don't hate you Norah and James. I heart you all.

mp3 Fiona Apple- Never is a Promise
mp3 Nada Surf- Blonde on Blonde
mp3 Snow Patrol- Run
mp3 Sufjan Stevens- To Be Alone With You
mp3 Kings of Convenience- Gold in the Air of Summer
mp3 Iron & Wine- Bird Stealing Bread
mp3 Radiohead- Fake Plastic Trees
m4a Ret Hot Chili Peppers- Porcelain
m4p Coldplay- Fix You
mp3 Bloc Party- Blue Light
mp3 Oasis- Champagne Supernova
m4p Modest Mouse- Blame it on the Tetons

Blogger The Two Mirrors said...
Nice Mix. It could use some Yo La Tengo though... always good when it's raining.

Blogger Julio Enriquez said...
yeah, good call on ylt, and i would always add either some frou frou or american analog set

Blogger Mary Raphael said...
Also love life when it rains!! It slows you down. It puts an obstacle in front of you. It makes you appreciate every step YOU take!! I will have to keep a note of these songs!