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Once upon a time, there was a young Duke law student named Stephen Pedersen who aspired to produce big rock. He had his chance touring with bands like Cursive and The White Octave, but poor Stephen still did not have a band to call his own. Thus, he named himself Criteria and wrote his own album, titled En Garde. But Stephen, now Criteria, still needed musicians to play his freshly written songs with him. Enter local musicians recruited from danky basements throughout his native Omaha, and Criteria, the band, was born.

Criteria's sound is big, no doubt. With catchy melodies, aggressive bass lines and beats, and a clean, edgy voice provided by Stephen himself, Criteria is most definitely head-bobbing material. So, check out the songs, and crank up the volume, 'cause loud Criteria is good Criteria.

mp3 Run Together
mp3 Prevent the World
mp3 It Happens
mp3 Me On Your Front Porch

Criteria's Official site
Criteria's Myspace
Criteria's in the middle of a
huge tour right now, covering every possible location (Austin, TX, July 21 at Emo's!). A ginormous tour date list complete with venues and fellow touring bands is posted on their official site. They'll most likely be playing at a venue near you, so make sure to check them out!