Son, Ambulance
Yes, Son, Ambulance is signed to Saddle-Creek Records, and yes, frontman Joe Knapp was a former roommate of Conor Oberst, but don't let these facts mislead you. Son, Ambulance is anything but moody and emo. In fact, I listen to Brown Park whenever I'm wallowing to get me into a chipper mood. Anyway, Joe Knapp had a band, simply titled Ambulance, which was featured on Oberst's Oh Holy Fools. Later, Joe changed the name to Son, Ambulance in order to more clearly define his priorities in life: first and foremost is his son, Neal, pictured above in the Superman shirt and beanie; second is his band, Ambulance. Joe's lyrics are eccentric and wide-ranging, with inspiration coming from his son, his high school sweetheart (not Neal's mom by the way), and random occurrences which he sees throughout his daily life. His songwriting skills and trebly vocals combined with a motley crew of a band including his brother, Daniel Knapp, creates music that is raw, diverse, and strangely fresh and striking. So give a jolt to your day, and check out Son, Ambulance.

mp3 Brown Park
mp3 Maria in Motion
mp3 Sex in C Minor
mp3 A Book Laid On its Binding
mp3 Paper Snowflakes

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