Sorry About Dresden
Omaha strikes again with yet another great indie rock band. Sorry About Dresden consists of Matt Oberst (yes, Conor's brother), Matt Tomich, Eric Roehrig, and James Hepler, all Omaha, Nebraskans. Their music is two-sided. Some songs are anthems, powerful and loud with catchy chorus lines and upbeat rhythms, while others are sophisticated compositions, with thoughtfully placed instrumental breaks and layer upon layer of guitar, snare, organ, glockenspiel, etc. This overwhelming versatility in style may seem like plain confusion, and that might very well be true. But if confusion can create such postworthy music, then I wish we were all a little more confused.

mp3 Sick and Sore
mp3 The Approaching Dawn
mp3 On Contradiction
mp3 One Version of Events

Sorry About Dresden's Official site

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hahaha matt oberst is my teacher!!