[The Starlight Mints]
A pinwheel of red and white - mmm starlight mints. Alina and I both agree that they have a yummy name, and just as the candy is sweet, the Starlight Mints too carry a delicious sound. I'd compare them to someone, but the fact is they're simply incomparable. The Starlight Mints are a quintet from Norman, Oklahoma headed by vocal Allan Vest. I'm rather hard-pressed to believe that something like the Mints popped out of Oklahoma, but I'm afraid that if they were to source out of a music mecca, they just wouldn't carry as unique a sound. Now I can't tell you where Norman, Oklahoma is, let alone the state of Oklahoma itself, but with the imagery the Starlight Mints provide, I can only conjure a melting clocks Dali-esque landscape. Their untainted music doesn't take instruments for granted, and they implement quite a few. Yet for all the instrumental implementation, the end product, ironically enough, tunes a simplistic nature. Seventeen Devils, part of their latest, highly-praised release Drowaton, for instance, with its sweeping strings and discreet tambourining, holds to be a simple, surreal song. Once again, if you're in my area of Austin, TX and the immediate beyond, I highly suggest you pop by Emo's this Thursday to see the Starlight Mints live (word is they're phenomenal live). Now if they're passing by my fair city, that means they're on tour, so check the dates and hopefully check them out.

From Drowaton (all songs are right click - save as):
Inside of Me
Seventeen Devils

Various songs from The Starlight Mints:
Sugar Blaster
Brass Digger

Visit the Mints and check out their tour at the Starlight Mints site.
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Otherwheres - Matt piqued me to this, but if you literally have 3 seconds, go here and vote for Oh No! Oh My! por favor. Last time I checked, God or Julie was up ahead in the race, and thats just sad. If Oh No! Oh My! win, they get like a 1000 cds pressed for free or something like that - good stuff, and the world could use more happy music.
Blogger The Two Mirrors said...
Man I love the starlight mints. Thanks for highlighting them and again your artwork is stellar. I love popsikle but I can't find what album its on. I have drownatown and dream that stuff was made of. But no popsikle and me and my kids love that song.

And thanks for adding us to your links. We will do the same over at the two mirrors. We are in the process of changing things up a little and we will add your link shortly.

Blogger Brad aka Penguin said...
If it's not on Drowaton or The Dream That Stuff Was Made Of, my best guess is that Popsikle is on the album Built On Squares. I really can't say for sure myself though, on my iTunes that song goes albumless...

Anonymous Ranyaaa! said...
guess what? I am actually excited about tomorrow.

i was just going through my rap phase.