Stop It and Start Again Brother...

All right so the Arctic Monkeys are practically done and over, and the little bands are once again resurfacing from the underground of Britain. Last time it was the bustling buoyancy of Los Campesinos! and their call for you to dance (even though you may not know how the hell to do it), and now here to pick up the pace some more is a four-some from Leeds that go under the name of The Hair. Yes, yes - I'm gonna go out and say that The Hair (to me at least) is just simply an odd name for a band, but the fact is the music that they do play is just as out of place as their name. Oh yes, its definitely on the other side of the spectrum, and for that, they can get away with naming themselves after licey territory. So what separates these kids from the average import from the British Isles? Well just listen, there's a certain air of some 70s funk band that gives their music an extra kick by using that bass or hell even a cowbell. What does it call for? Well...another dance party. We used to bless the Jamaicans and some Red Stripe for teaching the white folks to dance, but that time is gone and past; bless the Brits and their lager (okay so Red Stripe still helps)...

From The Hair (right click - save as):

Stop It
Brick Supply
Thinking Loud is Borderline

The guys are kind enough to distribute, not only those four tracks, but a whole disc's worth on their site in the hopes of having their music spread about...

The Hair Website