[Telephono/Soft Effects Rerelease Today]
So anyone that knows me knows that above all Spoon is my bar-none favorite and has been since their notes first commuted into my ears however many years ago. Quite in fact it was Alina Lloyd Pak that clued me in, and if she never did so, I probably would't be writing this blog with her nowadays. So to commemorate the rerelease of the holy grail record of the Spoon discography that is Telephono, I'm going to share Spoon with you just as Lloyd did long ago. For over a decade, Spoon has been playing out tracks that pricked up the ears of many. It's just good stuff, because the likes of Spoon needs no occasion. You can belt out Dr. Seuss, and I can tell you that I can listen to Spoon - I can listen in a box; I can listen with a fox; I can listen in a train, and gosh damn I can listen in a plane for Brad I am. So for this mix, I'm gonna bring strangers up to pace with some of my favorite tracks, but for those of you that have all that, I'll put up my share of some rarities from teh appropriately titled Devil's Dishes Rarities - enjoy and pick up a record, you won't regret it.

Various Tracks from Spoon (all songs are right click - save as):
The Way We Get By
Lines in the Suit
Me & The Bean

From the De
vil's Dishes Rarities:
He Was Soon to Undergo an Experience
Let the Distance Keep Us Together
Mary Roachford

Bonus Track - Target (unreleased, live at Pok-e-jo's SXSW '06) I always feel guilty for this one...

Check out their tour dates and such at the Spoon site.
Be their friend!
Blogger Dave Sandell said...
Spoon are playing here tomorrow night & I can't get tickets because I was supposed to be out of town... and, well, that makes me sad. Anyway, thanks for the rarities! Where can someone get a copy of the Devil's Dishes disc?

Blogger Brad aka Penguin said...
Ah - too bad about missing that Spoon gig, they can never really disappoint live. About the Devils Dishes Rarities, I have absolutely no idea where you could pick that up. I got my set from some (now dead) forum a while ago, and I don't even think I have the whole thing. No worries though, I think I'll be putting some more up from that disc in a later post in conjunction with the blog's first contest.