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Nothing new out there still excited me as much, so I'm going to post a song that's just good (plus I had already made the frame for Tender Trap and I can't just let that scuba and sub go to waste). I really have to go out and steal what Fluxblog said about Tender Trap's 6 Billion People in saying that the song would just be absolutely perfect for one on those dating commercials. Personally I love the song for the "Duh-doo-doo" chorus that weaves in and out throughout the song - really the entire thing is just so interactive in the fact that you can always partake in singing along just by knowing a few lines. Tender Trap is composed of an ecclectic, experienced few that have been in too many other bands to mention, and never even had the intention to play live at first. They ixnayed the idea of not playing live when they were invited to join the Magnetic Fields, and now they've played gigs everywhere in the UK, France, Spain, Sweden and even the US. 6 Billion People is part of Tender Trap's second album release of the same name.

From 6 Billion People (all songs are right click - save as):
6 Billion People
Talking Backwards

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