[Troubled Hubble]
Did you know that when they first sent out the Hubble Telescope, our best-of-the-best scientists forgot to put in a lens? Well, they did, but the Troubled Hubble I speak of is a quartet from Illinois. Now my hat's off to any vocalist that can sing wordage sequentially at a fast-pace. You know what I'm talking about, the songs you yourself try to sing along to and end up turning blue and out of breath about halfway - or is that just me? Point is, Ear, Nose, and Throat is a great song, and lucky for us that do sing along, Ear, Nose, and Throat likes to lessen the pace after its word debauchery. Troubled Hubble plays tunes of a clean and poppy demeanor, and sadly played their final show together last fall. Though the members have gone their separate paths, residual activity for the band includes a DVD and the release of some previously unreleased material.

Various Songs from Troubled Hubble (all songs are right click - save as):
Ear Nose and Throat
Dulcinea Duct Tape

You can get more at the Troubled Hubble site.
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