We Don't Care About the Young Folks

Would I, should I, could I get my alarm clock to wake me up with any tune, without a doubt, I would have it play Young Folks by Peter Bjorn & John softly every morning. Peter Bjorn & John is, simply enough, a trio from IKEA-land (that's Sweden for all of you devoid of that blue and yellow wonder) composed of Peter Morén, Björn Yttling and what their site names as John...from Norrbotten, and you thought Peter, Bjorn & John was a band name they just made up. As you can see from their band-naming process, these guys don't have to distract you with anything in an effort to impress you. Their music is simple, great, and just gets the job done. Young Folks in particular is a great song that carries only a few simple layers of some shuffling, drums, keys, vocals and that incredibly infectious whistling (learn the tune for whistle you shall). Young Folks is part of their third album, Writer's Block, which was released May 24th (in Scandinavia), but you can still get Young Folks here as well as their album Falling Out off iTunes and make your iPod happy. I'm not aware of any stores carrying Writer's Block, but if you're really keen on getting it, Amazon offers the album at a savings of $6.50 - good deal?

From Writer's Block (all songs right click - save as):

Young Folks

From Falling Out:

Far Away, By My Side

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love P,B, and J!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
you rock! i was looking for this song simply from the lyrics we dont care about the young, you helped me find it, yay!

Anonymous Anonymous said...
you guys are awesome and your music is amazing!!!

P,B and J ROCKS!